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March 22, 2021

Dubai Visa Documentation Requirement

If you are looking forward to visiting Dubai, you need to be sure of the types of UAE visa available for being sure of the kind of visa you should apply for. The basic types of visa for UAE Visa are:

  • Tourist Visa: As the name suggests, the tourist visa is for the visitors that are willing to visit any of the countries in the United Arab Emirates as a tourist. This visa is given for 30 days, and if the visa holder does not leave the country in that time period, there are penalties included.
  • Visit Visa:Visit visa is for the people that are visiting someone in UAE like a friend or relatives. This visa is provided by GDRFA office. A copy of the permit is sent to the applicant once the application is approved. The applicant is supposed to have the permit before he/she leaves the origin country.
  • Transit Visa:In case the applicant has connecting flights that have a waiting period of anywhere more than 8 hours then this visa is required. The applicant has to leave the country within 96 hours in case of a transit visa.
  • Employment Visa:It is the work permit that can be given by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization. The time limit of this visa is two months from the date of issuance. This visa allows to work in UAE and is mandatory for foreign workers in UAE.
  • Residence Visa:Once you have secured the employment visa the next step is a residence visa. This visa gives you access to Emirates ID and makes you a valid resident of UAE. The Emirates ID helps you bring your family members to the country.

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